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you can see her accent

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罪人 + 情人

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罪人 + 情人

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Famous for its scenery, cinematography, and near complete lack of special effects (almost exclusively used simply to remove bystanders from shots), The Fall was filmed over a period of four years in over twenty countries, including India, Namibia, South Africa, Italy, and Indonesia. One review said, “See it for no other reason than because it exists. There will never be another like it.”

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I had the perfect purple smoothie for breakfast: 4 fresh bananas, 4 frozen bananas, 2 cups of fresh blackberries, and 1/2 cup of coconut milk and water each. 😊

罪人 + 情人




Ve Neill is my favorite makeup artist of all time. 

A total legend, for sure.

*bows to her skill*

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Napoleon reçoit l’ambassadeur de Perse a Finkelstein, 27 Avril 1807, MV 1724, by Francois-Henri Mullard, 1810. AMI.04.001, Attique du Midi - Attique, Versailles, 2005 Marat assassiné, 13 juillet 1793, by a'telier of David, 1793. Salles Empire, Aile du Midi - R.d.C, Versailles, 1985 Premiere antichambre de Madam Victoire, Chateau de Versailles, 1985 Antichambre du Capitaine des Gardes, no 1, Corps Central - RdC, Versailles, 1986 Salle d'Afrique, Versailles Attique du Midi Salle Napoléonienne, No.1 Chateau de Versailles, 1985


Robert Polidori - Versailles, 1985-2011

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This was the greatest find that I’ve stumbled across in so long. It was so alarming, I wish I had taken a photo of what the outside looked like; just an abandoned brick building amongst other abandoned factories. No sign (not that I can recall). I just went through the door and woah’d.

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