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Picasso’s “Guernica” in Tokyo, Japan

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Jessica Lange in Scorsese’s Women for W, September 2014

Shot by Steven Klein

Styled by Panos Yiapanis

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[Grace Kelly]

罪人 + 情人

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at Montpelier Mansion

罪人 + 情人

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Emily Blunt and Cate Blanchett, photographed by Peter Lindbergh for IWC Schaffhausen, 2014.

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They say we only use a fraction of our brain’s true potential. That’s when we’re awake. When we’re asleep, our mind can do almost anything.

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Aymeline Valade photographed by Jan Welters for Antidote S/S 2012

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Adelaide Kane photographed by Aleksandar Tomovic for BelloMag

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"If you manifest your true self through nature and your normal surroundings, I find that the most eerie. Like when you see birds suddenly start flying in a different direction or when you see moths forming weird shapes, I think that’s the weirdest way to let yourself be known."

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